Sunday, April 1, 2012

Catching Up...'s been nearly 2 years!!! What can I say...I am forgetful, as well as other things. We moved (again) about 2 months after we got married. To another apartment in Arlington. Well, I got totally sick of throwing money away on rent and never being able to decorate or get things fixed properly...SOOO, I started looking at houses and finally was able to convince Davy that it was possible for us to afford one. We signed all the papers to build a new house Valentine's week 2011. We moved (AGAIN) into our house in July 2011 and so far it is awesome. It's definitely been a learning experience...and continues to be, but I love it! Our 2 year anniversary is coming up...we will be testing in school that day :( We got a dog when we moved into our house. Three cats and one very hyper puppy don't always mix well, but nobody has died yet. I am still teaching in Venus...and our new home is in far northwest Fort Worth, which is difficult at best, but we've made it work. I love my job, but I am definitely always on the hunt for something closer that will allow me to actually live at home. I am supposed to be grading right now, but I thought it would be nice to actually use my blog, so I am updating now and grading next. I will work on getting pictures up on here asap! As progresses, I don't always feel like I am keeping up, but at least I can say I am doing my best!

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