Sunday, April 1, 2012

Catching Up...'s been nearly 2 years!!! What can I say...I am forgetful, as well as other things. We moved (again) about 2 months after we got married. To another apartment in Arlington. Well, I got totally sick of throwing money away on rent and never being able to decorate or get things fixed properly...SOOO, I started looking at houses and finally was able to convince Davy that it was possible for us to afford one. We signed all the papers to build a new house Valentine's week 2011. We moved (AGAIN) into our house in July 2011 and so far it is awesome. It's definitely been a learning experience...and continues to be, but I love it! Our 2 year anniversary is coming up...we will be testing in school that day :( We got a dog when we moved into our house. Three cats and one very hyper puppy don't always mix well, but nobody has died yet. I am still teaching in Venus...and our new home is in far northwest Fort Worth, which is difficult at best, but we've made it work. I love my job, but I am definitely always on the hunt for something closer that will allow me to actually live at home. I am supposed to be grading right now, but I thought it would be nice to actually use my blog, so I am updating now and grading next. I will work on getting pictures up on here asap! As progresses, I don't always feel like I am keeping up, but at least I can say I am doing my best!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

forever and ages...

Granny and Pawpaw and Me

Pawpaw and Me

Dad and Me

Mom and Me

All of us...and let's play everyone look at a different camera and SMILE :D

It's been about that long since I posted...almost a year now! Well, let's play catch up...

I finished my classes and got a job teaching...YAY! I am teaching 6th grade Science in Venus, TX. I am almost through my first year and I am in love with it.

More recently...I just got married!!! Davy and I were married a week and a day ago...the wedding was beautiful and so much fun! We had a ton of family and friends there and I think everyone had a great time. I am still waiting on pictures, but I have a few from friends that I will put on here. It was a gorgeous spring day. Of course, we both had to go directly back to work...what with TAKS last week and his AP exams this, no honeymoon, but we have a few small trips planned over this summer and we are planning on booking an Alaskan cruise next summer.

Em & Wyatt: Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Monday, June 1, 2009

Out of school, but back in class...

Well, it's been a while...and as usual, I have been super busy. It feels like even more so than usual. I applied to an alternative certification program and I was accepted which meanst that I have spent 8 days in the last three weeks in class from 5:30 to 8:30 pm and while it doesn't sound like that much, that was after working 8 hours, going home for about 45 minutes and trying to figure out how to get started on all the online lessons. It has been exhausting...even though I've only been squeezing in about a day a week at Kohl's. I wish I could work more to be honest...I could use the money since I am having to pay for the classes, but between classes, the wedding I am in, graduations, and all those other things that keep us busy, I feel like I barely get a chance to sit down and breathe at home. usual, I have no new pictures to add...and I might not for a while, but I can now begin applying for teaching positions for next year and I am very hopeful that I will find something. Anyhow, just wanted to update everyone...or well, whoever actually reads this. I need to get to bed soon though, so I'm keeping this one short. BISD did have their final day of school Friday, so that is going to allow me to get a lot more done in the next few weeks. Thank goodness for that!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My newest position: Tupperware Consultant

Ok, I get it...I never post and I probably only have like 3 I am counting on ya'll to spread the word. I will post my blog on facebook and myspace, maybe that might help...but I could use all the help I can get!!! I am now in the business of has to be a great product if you still can't get it in ANY store!!! ;) No, seriously I love it. I am still new and learning everything I need to know, but please...if you are interested let me know!! You can host parties and get discounts and there are a bunch of great items that will most likely outlast every single piece of plastic ware you may currently own and all those you could buy from the local grocer. I am still waiting for my starter package to come in along with catalogs, but anyone can get on the website and check out the latest catalogs. Just don't order least not if you are interested in helping me out!! Write down item numbers and e-mail, call, text...whichever...and I can put orders in under my name...(and let you know how to pay). I appreciate all interest!!

In other news...I am still "teaching" (I am an Aide, so technically...well, you get it) and I still work at Kohl's although at this point I am only making about enough money to put gas in my car to get there and pay on my credit card...but it helps a bit. I truly enjoy teaching, although this month before the Math TAKS is like torture...the kids and all of us "adults" are definitely ready for summer and it just doesn't feel like it is getting any closer yet. I love the kids, but sometimes I feel desperately in need of sane minded adult conversation...and then I come home and fall asleep! Haha...well, I am still hoping to get my certification this summer and hopefully be teaching in the fall. I am running it a bit tight on the timeline, but I really want to get it, I hope the determination helps!! In all reality there are only about 6 weeks left of school and then I will be working considerably less and studying more than I have in several years. I should also have the time then to do some Tupperware parties, so if you are interested get in touch and I will get with you on scheduling something!! is almost time for me to go to bed...or at least, I should go soon, but somehow I always manage to stay up way too late...Anyhow, I just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive...and at some point I will get some new pictures to put up on here...Davy is good...and so are the cats...(we are down to two now...Jade has gone to live with my mom and Jeff and is much happier without these two bugging her). We are always busy...and I guess I wouldn't have it any other way...we are second place in our bowling league (even though I am pretty terrible) and we both try to be involved at our schools as much as we can. In is going pretty good! I am really excited about selling Tupperware and I really want to do well and make it, Please, please, please, check it out...head to the website and look at all the great stuff there is...and let me know if you have any questions or would like to order!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rain, Rain...

Please come back!!!!

Ok, so it's a bit early for spring showers...but we've been parched all winter and it looks like we are heading into prime, spring camping weather with the prospect of a rather nasty drought already on our hands...unless of course we get the spring floods of a couple years back in place of the showers...and I don't really think anyone welcomes either extreme. Droughts are not pleasant, but neither is the necessity of rain boots and levees. So...our little "extreme weather" watch that blew through just as fast as most late winter storms...well, it could have taken a slower time of it. It might have rained for maybe an hour here...and for the most of that time, it was raining so hard that everything just ran off into the storm gutters. Despite the fact that I am a well-known fan of the sun and warm, mostly dry weather...I would have gladly given a few days over to overcast, slow and steady rain days to help water the earth a bit around here.

So...Rain, Rain...Please come back!!! Cut our state a little slack. Give a drink to the parched, dry land...Before Texas summer gets out of hand!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

February?? Already?

What? I can't help it!! I work 7 days a week most of the's been busy and even when each day seems to drag they all bundle up and roll by quickly! I mean, I love working with the kids at's not always easy, but I do everything I can to help them and just occassionaly I get to see some results...get to see the "click". That said, I am really looking forward to completing the necessary classes this summer and getting my teacher certification so that doing what I love will pay a more livable wage. I know it's not all about money (and certainly teachers should not get into it for the money...especially long term), but one does need money to live.

Anywho, enough about that...I get by and in, oh, about 7 or 8 months I "should" hopefully be doing much better. Anyway, January was mostly uneventful...we did go down to Austin once to see a band we know in concert. They were awesome and it was a fun trip. We are going down there for another concert in three weeks. Other than that there just doesn't seem to be that much to tell... We bowl every other week on our league. Davy actually bowls every week on another league and I usually go and watch him before we bowl together on our league. I am not very good, but I enjoy it and I think I have improved a tiny bit. At least, that is, I know the mistakes I am making and I have an idea of how to fix the majority of them...but then, most of those fixes start with a new ball, which just isn't happening at the moment so I will keep working on other fixes for the time being.

I don't feel like I do much worth blogging about...what with working every day, I feel it is just an accomplishment to get the laundry done and this week I haven't even done that. So...that reminds me; I need to go do the laundry...and clean the bathroom...and the kitchen...and vacuum...hahaha, I could go on, but you get the picture.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas...or, at least that's what I'm trying for

Hey all...
So...between working two jobs and...sleeping...I haven't updated in forever, but it is Christmas break at school, which means that I at least get a break during the day. Now I only have to deal with grumpy, impatient and rude last minute shoppers for the next 3 days and grumpy, impatient and rude gift returners the day after :D Yay!!! really, I get some great customers and some interesting stories at work and I really do like's just a bit hectic to say the least!! Of course, you might notice I have no pictures of my Christmas decorations or anything...I do have a tree and lights in the window and stockings and all that...but Jade chewed a hole in the lights on the tree and Davy kept me from killing her outright, so we still have three cats and I DON'T have any pictures of my BRAND NEW now NOT pre-lit Christmas was pretty though. So...does anybody want a cat for Christmas??? I really have had a great time so far this year...the parties at school were so much fun. It is always great to be around kids during the holidays, so much excitement!! I went with Davy to his families Christmas get together and gift exchange and we had a blast. I haven't gotten all of my shopping done just yet, but then what's Christmas without some last minute shopping. Anyhow, I just wanted to update anyone who reads...although I don't think there are that many...I need to get ready for work now. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!!!! Merry Christmas!!!